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Headshot of the instructor Derrick Ivey

Derrick Ivey, CCHt RMT NLP

Practicing Since 2012

-Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist

-Reiki Grand Master

-Creator of the QSM Development Program

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I absolutely love using my gifts to help other people. There is no greater joy to me than watching another soul have those light bulb moments of life changing clarity. I’m able to see you in your highest self version, glimmering and vibrant with joy. I get messages as to what is blocking you from being in that expression now. I absolutely love what I do so much, I took a huge leap of faith leaving the corporate world in the medical field to do energy healing full time. The universe has continued to connect the right people that need the healing work that I do at the perfect time. 

I have always had my intuitive gifts since childhood. I remember a time when I was only about 5 years old, already knowing what meditation was intuitively, and having memories of a scene from meditating in a past life, and a deep violet light. My awakening began in 2012 after several rough years of addiction which opened my mind and heart to spiritual ideas and caused a lot of combustion in my energy field.

From there, I began meditating each day and growing my spiritual knowledge. I was magnetically drawn to and interested in Buddhism. I sat hundreds, if not thousands of hours in Vipassana meditation during my twenties, and absorbed everything I could from dharma talks and piles of books. My spirituality blossomed from there into studying many different traditions, including Zen, and Theravada Buddhism, always seeking truth. 

​I studied Psychology when I was in college, and then later took coursework to become an Addiction Counselor. When I realized that this path was not my soul's destiny, I studied Transpersonal Hypnotherapy while working full time and earned a degree from the Association for Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnotherapy, becoming a certified Hypnotist and Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. I practiced Hypnotherapy for a time, while still expanding my knowledge and skillset, and devouring more knowledge on metaphysical practices and other spiritual traditions, also learning new levels of communication with the spirit world while in deep psychic trance states. 

I later realized my true gift and calling was in energy healing, then went on to study and become attuned to Reiki Levels I, II, and III, and eventually became a Reiki Master Teacher. I was trained in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki by a very gifted Master Teacher in Colorado. It was after my master attunement, and getting a lot of energy work done on myself from other practitioners, that even more of my latent psychic abilities were unlocked. ​

Derrick Ivey Standing in front of a gate

​Today, I practice Energy Healing and create transformational healing programs to serve clients all over the world. I use my intuitive senses to heal others, help them to find their own insights, and remember deeper truths about fulfilling their destiny on this earth plane. My clients always remark that they feel lighter, and less burdened after a session.

I have expanded the healing tools that I have used in individual sessions to create online programs that takes healing to a whole new level and helps others to step into roles as healers themselves. 

I am so incredibly happy to be fulfilling my own life's purpose by doing energy work with people all over the world, and would never dream of retiring.

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