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I have been doing sessions with Derrick Ivey for about a month now, and I cannot the believe the miraculous things I am witnessing in my body and life!! I am losing weight (which has been stubbornly stuck for a couple years), my hormones are flowing better, and I am sleeping better. I honestly wasn't expecting these changes, and then a few weeks into working with him, I just started noticing I was feeling better, more at peace, and lighter in general. Derrick knows his stuff, and he is a great facilitator of positive change!

Kelsey H. - USA

Was a wonderful experience! Thorough, enlightening, and deeply healing. Left me feeling ready to live my life to its fullest potential. I'm very grateful to have had this opportunity and will definitely revisit in the future!

Dawn M. - USA

Receiving Reiki during an energy healing session with Derrick was phenomenal! He was so spot on with seeing which chakras were out of alignment, what was going on in my world and areas that needed balance. He offered such thoughtful insight in a gentle manner. After receiving Reiki from Derrick, there was definitely an energetic shift felt in the following days! I can’t wait to book another session with him, what a wonderful refresh it was working with him✨

Becca P. - USA

I started working with Derrick a couple of years ago. I am beyond amazed at how well his programs and techniques work. During our time together my soul has expanded at an astonishing rate. Working with Derrick enabled me to leave an abusive marriage and move across the country to pursue the life I was meant to live. I am so grateful to him and the work he does. I also love meeting all the other healers enrolled in QSM. I now have like minded friends all over the globe. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help and guidance. Thank you Derrick!!

Allison W. - USA

I used to be so blocked and stuck in life, not seeing any clients or flow of money. But now I am seeing new clients and opportunities to grow my income, thanks to the Quantum Hypnosis sessions he gave me. In them, I channeled my Higher Self and it taught me what the blockage was inside of me and how to clear it.

Troy B. - USA

I did hypnotherapy for the very first time with Derek and he did a phenomenal job! He guided me to a place that allowed me to heal and gain closure from within. He created an environment that made me feel calm and safe; which contributed to me falling into a hypnotic state. I wouldn’t have wanted my first time doing hypnotherapy to be with anyone else.

Maggie L. - USA

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