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Take Your Healing Practice to the Next Level with QSM - Earn a Certificate and Join the Ranks of Quantum Healers

Unlock the Power of Quantum Healing with QSM Hypnosis & Energy Healing Development Program



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Healing Mind, Body, and Soul: QSM Online Program Explained
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Program Highlights

Unlock Your Full Potential with DGT Wellness


Past Life Regression


Trance Induction


Demonstration Sessions


Somatic Healing Protocols


Subconscious Healing Techniques


Soul Retreival


Connecting with Spirit Guides


Psychic Communication

Presented By:

Derrick Ivey, CCHt RMT NLP

My name is Derrick Ivey, I am the founder of the QSM movement. I am a board certified clinical hypnotherapist, researcher, intuitive, and instructor. 


I became a student of the healing arts in 2012 after several rough years of addiction, and coming to the realization that I was lost in life. I found a solace like none other through meditation and studying Buddhist cosmology. Energy started to move. My life began working.


Once I healed layers and layers of trauma in my own energy field, I became involved with helping others get sober from alcohol and drugs. I studied psychology and addiction counseling, and really had no clue where this path was heading, but I knew there had to be more.


I wanted to help people in a deeper way, and going through so much myself and integrating that with what I was learning, I knew that some of the causes and solutions to many aspects of life were far deeper and much more mysterious. That fascinated me. It gave me something to learn and expand into. 


I learned hypnotherapy, began practicing, and became a go-to hypnotherapist in my local community, as well as began getting worldwide clients through word of mouth. Like I recognize in many of my students now, I was a natural. I was able to now access the deepest states of consciousness and lead others there. I began learning all I could about energy and learning different modalities. 


Through my own journey, I have studied with master healers all over the world. I studied shamanic healing, medical, alchemical, and transpersonal Hypnotherapy, I've received training in NLP, helping souls recovering from sexual abuse, quantum healing, and bio-energetic somatic approaches to holistic healing. 


I created QSM to be the container for transformation where you learn the deepest skills and modalities to deeply heal yourself on a subconscious level, develop your intuitive abilities, learn how to hold masterful journey space for clients, and then feel confident to share your gifts with the world in your own unique way. 


This course is a growing process, it is an identity shifting process. You will not view the world in the same way once you have expanded through this material. It is my sincere hope and prayer that this work changes your life, opens your heart, and helps you be proud of who you are and what you do with your healing work. 


I will see you on the inside!

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  • How long does it take to complete the QSM Program?
    To complete the course, participants spend on average 26 weeks studying the content, doing practice sessions, and learning sessions with Derrick (if on the Instructor Led course). Although there is no time limit to completing the program, we will pressure you to finish in a timely manner to ensure you are getting the most out of the program and not losing knowledge with large gaps on not studying.
  • Are there recommended weekly hours for the course?
    We suggest you spend 3-5 hours per week studying and doing your practice sessions.
  • What happens after graduation?
    You will receive a Certificate for QSM Hypnosis & Energy Healing. In addition to your certificate, you will have access to all of the private QSM groups for practitioners, access to the weekly continuing education call on Tuesdays at 5pm MST, and the knowledge, skills, and mindset to begin your own practice or add your new found experience to your existing practice.
  • How much do the programs cost?
    We offer two different programs to suite your needs. We have a Full Instructor Led course, which costs $2400 or you can pay in 6 monthly installments of $425. We also offer a Self-Study course (learn on your own with 0 learning sessions), which costs $1200 or you can pay in 4 monthly installments of $225.

Ready to become the next QSM Healer?

Choose between two options below. Self-Study Course or Join our Instructor led Course and get customized learning sessions from Derrick to further deepen your knowledge and execution of QSM Healing.

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