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Past Life Regression Session

Lives between Lives Hypnotherapy

  • 2 hr
  • 350 US dollars
  • Zoom or Audio

Session Description

I take you into an ultra deep trance state, and we explore where your soul has been in past lives, places between lives, and what lessons learned there would apply to creating excellence in your life here and now. Imagine being able to know the answer to a health, wealth, or love issue that has plagued you for years, yet makes no good sense why you can't solve the problem trying every other possible avenue. Imagine knowing why and under what circumstances you have known someone that you feel like you have “known forever” Imagine resolving soul contracts that were made in a past lifetime, moving forward with power and purpose. Maybe you need to make up for some wrong that you did others in a past life. Maybe a traumatic incident in another life contributes to a current fear or pattern. I am a professional at facilitating past life regression hypnotherapy sessions. I have been trained as a transpersonal hypnotherapist, and received graduate past life regression training. I've led many souls through these times and spaces. Sometimes you don't know why you have a certain problem, and it makes no logical sense. So you suspect that there is a cause far beyond this lifetime. Maybe you've been to specialists, read books, went to counseling - when the answer (and solutions) lies in another time and space. We will make sure you are in the deepest trance possible, and guide you every step of the way as you release energy on older timelines, and reintegrate the information into your life experience in this life. You will leave this session with incredible levels of insight, and a sense of deep connection and integration with all that is.

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Cancellation Policy

DGT Wellness does not allow cancellations and instead requires you to reschedule. As we do not give refunds, rescheduling allows you to keep your appointment at a time that works better for you. Failure to show up or notify about missing a session, will forfeit the appointment and any payment made will be used as a cancellation fee.

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