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Business Consultation

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 300 US dollars
  • Zoom or Audio Call

Session Description

I enjoy using my intuitive gifts to help you create and maintain abundance in your business, and make more sales. Business is a fine dance between our cosmic and earth energies, and bringing those aspects both into alignment will help you be more successful. Imagine being at your full potential as you apply hypnotic sales skill sets to your business, up-level your energy, and learn how to call your ideal client out of a crowd. Creating a steady stream of customers and clients in your business, and allowing yourself to enjoy more freedom in your personal life. You have support every step of the way, and you create long-term success that continues to grow. I am a professional at helping you unlock more of your creative abilities, clearing your personal and professional blocks to success, overcoming imposter syndrome, and creating actionable success plans. You may feel very low in confidence levels, or be spinning around in circles wondering where the kink in the flow of abundance is at. You may have already made many changes and have few results to show for it. You may be experiencing an existential crisis when it comes to business, or questioning everything. Or you may just need some human support and a new perspective to open everything up energetically in your business. There is hope! Most of these problems are caused by imbalanced energy in the business, lack of consistency, outdated systems and methods of operation, lags and inconsistencies in your energy, and not knowing where to find the people who need what you are offering. I help you by taking a holistic look at the patterns of energy that are currently in your business, and I use my intuitive gifts to help you uncover what your next steps are. I provide you with systems that are tailor-fitted to your personal needs and strengths. I offer you the accountability that you need to stop procrastinating and shine your brightest. This will work for you because it will bring a whole new energy into your business. You will learn invaluable life-long skills that will change the way you do business for the better. You will learn how to find better and retain more soul-aligned clients. The result is that you will boost your revenue, be more in alignment with your full potential, and learn how to attract clients and customers whom you truly LOVE. You will experience new levels of freedom.

Contact Details


Cancellation Policy

DGT Wellness does not allow cancellations and instead requires you to reschedule. As we do not give refunds, rescheduling allows you to keep your appointment at a time that works better for you. Failure to show up or notify about missing a session, will forfeit the appointment and any payment made will be used as a cancellation fee.

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